Nov 9, 2017

Superb alternative to Bank Fixed Deposit

Our premiere offering which is in Conservative side; which gives High % over your FD returns by investing in Indian Bonds. Superb alternative to Bank Fixed Deposit without any market risk. Absolute bond fund which assures you quarterly returns of approx. 12% p.a.

  • Capital remains intact and preserved during the entire period of deposit
  • Starts from 25 Lakh & above for Indian Residents under PMS
  • Interest is paid out quarterly
  • Shorter duration 1 – 3 Year under PMS
  • Fund is completely open-ended*
Look at the illustration of returns below:

Investment Corpus
INR   10,000,000.00
Ideal Duration
3 Years
Expected Annual Payout
Interest Payouts
Quarter 1
INR         300,000.00
Quarter 2
INR         300,000.00
Quarter 3
INR         300,000.00
Quarter 4
INR         300,000.00
Quarter 5
INR         300,000.00
Quarter 6
INR         300,000.00
Quarter 7
INR         300,000.00
Quarter 8
INR         300,000.00
Quarter 9
INR         300,000.00
Quarter 10
INR         300,000.00
Quarter 11
INR         300,000.00
Quarter 12
INR         300,000.00
Total Payout
INR      3,600,000.00

We have two options under Debt High Yield Fund – ROI 12% plus return – Quarterly paid coupon
    1. Minimum 25 Lakh & plus - under PMS route : Available to Indian residents only
    2. Minimum 1 Cr & plus – under AIF route : Available to NRI , Indian residents also
Investors can think of this as an allocation of their fixed income portfolio. It will provide better returns than existing options in the fixed income space like bank FD, corporate FD and bonds.
For affluent investors this is an attractive investment avenue because of volatility in equities and commodities market, comparatively low yields in rated bonds and bank deposits, and high real estate prices.

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